Il programma della sessione del Club of Venice (Roma 13 e 14 novembre 2014)

PLENARY MEETING, 13-14 November 2014
Roma, Italia
Meeting facility:
premises of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism,
Sala del Consiglio, via del Collegio Romano, 11 (tbc) 
DRAFT AGENDA (as of 16.9.2014)
Meeting languages : IT / EN / FRA
Thursday 13 November
9.30 – 10.00
 Welcome by the Italian hosting authorities (representatives from the Presidency of the Council of the EU or from the PM Office or from the local authorities)
STEFANO ROLANDO, IULM university Milan / President of the Club of Venice
10.00 – 12.45
re-shaping public communication and cooperation
Debate on the state of play and future cooperation at interinstitutional and inter-governmental level (on the basis of Members’ reactions to the attached short reflection paper)
o             Introductory intervention by Federico Garimberti, Spokesperson of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU
§          Reactions (round table):
        EU Member States (including feedback on recent capacity-building related progress)
        EU Institutions
        External specialists (TechPolitics, Adenauer Foundation, Mercator Foundation)
§          Reflections on the Club of Venice added value in this field
14.15 – 17.00
Plenary session
governments and civil society
Cooperation in progress
o      KEY-NOTE-Danish Case Study: Lars Klüver, Director of the Danish Board of Technology: “The new course: fostering participatory democracy in an evolving communication society” – Citizens’ involvement in the            decision-making process”
·                     Reactions and concrete experiences:
       presentation by Verena Nowotny: How to communicate the Transatlantic Trade and Investment partnership topic (TTIP) as a honest broker: the role of the Commission and governments in explaining the mechanisms of international negotiations (dispelling fears and wrong perceptions through reliable and timely factual information);
       Italy’s activities in the framework of the programme “Europe for Citizens”;
       poss. feedback from Slovenia, Latvia and other MS;
       Philipp Maderthaner,;
·                      Round table with EU MS, Institutions and Committees, and external guests
Friday 14 November
9.15 – 12.45
challenges for government communication
Seeking coherence between communication and politics and synergies among the communication players
o       Communicating sustainable growth and development
·              Introduction by Enrico Giovannini, Advisor to the UN        Secretary-General, former Italian Minister for        Employment and Social Policies
·              Contribution by Andrea Renda, CEPS’ specialist
·              Feedback from Member States
·              Debate with MS and Institution 
o      Communicating on immigration and integration
·               The EU’s role (poss. FRONTEX 2 – perspectives)
o         poss. intervention by the Commission
o         one representative from the Italian Ministry of Interiors)
·               Round table: Member States’ views on communication and information provision
12.45 – 13.00
Conclusive session
o         Issues emerged and future development of the informal (Club) and formal debate (government and institutions)

Club planning 2015-2016 (plenaries, joint seminars, thematic meetings and workshops